This 90-year-old diner in Michigan sells the best burgers
This 90-year-old diner in Michigan sells the best burgers

A well-made cheeseburger makes you feel like a true American. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting many great restaurants in the area and tasting some incredible burgers thanks to the support of the community that supports these great family-run restaurants.

Most recently, I had a burger at the Saloon in Mackinaw City, which may have been one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. But it seems there’s another place in Michigan that people drive to on a regular basis, as many say it has the best burgers you can get anywhere. The thing is, it’s actually a 90-year-old diner in Clare, Michigan, founded in 1935.

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The Whitehouse Diner in Clare not only has a great burger, but also a special chorizo ​​recipe and is home to the original Flint Coney Dog. They also have homemade soups, omelets, cakes and other classic diner dishes. Period.

They also frequently fire up the smoker and roast ribs and pulled pork. It’s very hard to run a family business, especially during the pandemic, but this company has been thriving for nearly 90 years, and the reviews on their website show it.

Whatever they do, they do a good job. So if you ever say you’ve had the best burger you’ve ever had, you might want to head to Whitehouse to disprove that statement. Have you ever been here? Tell us about your experience.

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