LG and Titans celebrate partnership with event at Clarksville plant
LG and Titans celebrate partnership with event at Clarksville plant

LG Electronics and the Tennessee Titans brought the Titans’ experiences to factory workers at LG’s Clarksville manufacturing plant on Monday to celebrate the renewal of the partnership between the two organizations.

Former Tennessee Titans players Jevon Kearse and Keith Bulluck presented football jerseys to all employees.

Mission BBQ fed approximately 800 LG employees who gathered under two large tents to enjoy lunch while listening to remarks from local officials, LG leaders, and finally Bulluck and Kearse.

Son Chang-Woo, president of LG’s Clarksville plant, announced the extension of another three-year contract with the NFL team.

“We’re proud to join the Tennessee Titans in celebrating ‘Life’s Good’ and giving back to the community together,” said Chang-Woo. “And thanks to all of you, we’re proud to make the best laundry equipment in the world.”

The partnership supports local businesses, promotes economic growth and provides the community with family-friendly programs and events, plant officials said.

Chris Jung, CEO of LG North America, was also in attendance.

“Thank you to the entire team in Clarksville for your commitment to quality, reliability and safety that is unmatched in the industry,” Jung said. “LG’s partnership with the Tennessee Titans brings two iconic brands together. Our factory here is dedicated to ensuring life is good for the people of Tennessee and across the United States.”

Clarksville Mayor Joe Pitts and Montgomery County Mayor Wes Golden took a moment to comment on the partnership and LG’s impact on the community.

“We’re here to celebrate two types of titans: those on the football field and the titans of industry, LG Electronics,” Pitts said. “We’re excited to be here with you. You matter. You’re what makes our community so great, with the work you do here and the quality products you make. We’re so grateful. Congratulations to LG Electronic and the Tennessee Titans.”

“We are looking forward to another great year, both on the field and in the facility.”

Jevon Kearse and Keith Bulluck were warmly welcomed by the audience and spoke about the “backbone of success – teamwork”.

“If you look left and right, you see people from different walks of life, but we are all a team,” he said. “As a team, we can do great things. It’s not just about working together. It’s about encouraging each other, lifting each other up and doing everything we can to help each other. Let’s continue to show the world what we can achieve together.”

Keith Bulluck then handed out a ball and jersey to everyone at the LG factory in Clarksville, which were accepted by Chang-Woo.

“LG is a quality brand, not only because of the jobs it provides and the products it makes, but they are also a great community partner and their partnership with the Titans shows that,” Pitts said.

John Taylor, senior vice president of government relations and communications at LG Electronics USA, Inc., spoke about LG’s history and future in Tennessee.

“We started manufacturing in 2018,” Taylor said. “We are so proud of this 210-acre property and our 1 million square foot factory under one roof. We build 1.2 million washers and 600,000 dryers a year. Now we are building our new wash towers and those products are considered the highest quality in the industry. If you look at Consumer Reports, you’ll see that all of the top-rated washers and dryers come out of this factory in Clarksville, Tennessee.

“We’re lucky to have such a strong workforce with a great work ethic. People here really take a lot of pride in their work. It’s a great brand and a wonderful place to work.”

Taylor said LG’s presence in Tennessee began with the Clarksville plant.

Since then, the company has added a second plant, LG Chem in Clarksville, which builds cathodes, and LG Energy Solutions in Spring Hill, which makes batteries for electric vehicles.

In total, LG is investing over $4 billion and creating over 2,600 jobs here in the Volunteer State.

By Liam