Phil Murphy has to step in and fix the problem
Phil Murphy has to step in and fix the problem

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An open letter to Governor Phil Murphy:

I am 54 and have been using NJ Transit as a daily commuter since 1994.

Never in my life have I experienced such consistently poor service from NJ Transit, and it’s starting to affect my well-being.

I experience some kind of disruption almost every day. Daily five-hour commutes to and from New York are not uncommon.

I get up every day not knowing if the train is running – today, Wednesday 10 July, it wasn’t. The Gladstone line has been closed since yesterday evening. The reason given was “problems with local services”.

What does that even mean?

Today the entire line was still down.

NJ Transit cannot blame Amtrak for this. This is a system breakdown and a lack of leadership. This must change.

I warn colleagues who are considering a move to New Jersey that they need to look for real estate in Westchester County – if they don’t want to go crazy.

I have kids and can’t give up on my life, so I’m going to endure this chaos and drink more to forget how bad it’s gotten.

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I have no confidence in the leadership of NJ Transit

I have no faith in NJ Transit. The leadership doesn’t care. I see the only hope in you, Governor Murphy.

They need to apply pressure and invest to address these common systemic problems.

Will you step in and help the 450,000 commuters who pay exorbitant taxes to the state?

You must understand how pathetic this situation has become.

Mr. Governor, you spend money to modernize and improve bus and train stations, but what is the point if the lines don’t run at all?

According to an article by NJ Burkett of ABC News, trains on Metro-North’s commuter lines are five times more reliable than NJ Transit’s. The same report concluded that Long Island Railroad trains are three times more reliable than NJ Transit’s.

This is no shock to me, as the carriages I travel in are up to 50 years old.

Mr. Murphy, your first responsibility as governor is to keep the roads open, the trains running, and the lights on. Anything else is just lip service.

You said you would fix NJ Transit or die trying. Hang in there or shut up, sir.

Jim Langell is a resident of Millington, Morris County.

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