PFF Pounds Table: Broncos target Alabama WR Isaiah Bond in 2025 draft
PFF Pounds Table: Broncos target Alabama WR Isaiah Bond in 2025 draft

The Denver Broncos Training camp begins in about two weeks on July 26. It’s never too early to look into the crystal ball to see what the future holds for the Broncos.

The NFL summer is almost over, Professional Football Focus’ Trevor Sikkema has identified a specific area where Broncos head coach Sean Payton could look to improve in 2025. Alabama wide receiver Isaiah Bond was selected by PFF as a player to keep an eye on for the Broncos, and the speedster was taken in the 2025 NFL Draft.

“Jerry Jeudy is with the Browns and Courtland Sutton is entering the final year of his contract with guaranteed salary, so the Broncos could be looking for a difference-maker pass catcher in 2025.

“Isaiah Bond, who played the last two seasons at Alabama and is now at Texas, brings world-class speed to the football field. He won state championships in both the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes. He is smaller, weighing only 180 pounds, and needs more finesse in his running paths, but his explosiveness and top-end speed cannot be taught,” Sikkema wrote.

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The fact that Jeudy (first-round pick in 2020) didn’t turn out well shouldn’t unsettle the Broncos in next year’s draft. However, the draft is a gamble, especially when it comes to selecting super-fast receivers like Jeudy.

As good as Bond is, the Broncos could be a little more cautious in evaluating wide receivers after trading Jeudy to the The Cleveland Browns. NFL teams have a pathological weakness for fast pass catchers. Such speed can often blind NFL general managers and impair their thinking.

Bond’s amazing accomplishments in track and field will likely have scouts drooling over their stopwatches. It’s all too easy to measure a player in seconds and yards, but the critical care shouldn’t end after the sprinter breaks the tape.

Several national scouting networks have noted the same speed and ball-tracking skills in Bond, making him a rising 2025 draft candidate. In fact, much will depend on how the 20-year-old adjusts to the move from Alabama to Texas for the upcoming college season.

This process of improvement and adaptation is absolutely crucial for Bond, especially when he The Draft Network’s projection, which is why he is currently considered a candidate for the Day 2 draft.

If Payton and the Broncos are going to sign Bond with a premium draft pick, they’ll have to be convinced he can perform better than Jeudy did before. Moreover, the decision to sign Bond come April would depend heavily on what Broncos GM George Paton does with Sutton’s thorny contract requests, which are still unresolved.

Any resistance from Sutton would burn bridges between him and the Broncos front office, and could cause the Broncos to think more seriously about seeking a long-term replacement for Sutton in next year’s draft.

Before the Broncos would seriously consider Bond, the coaching staff would probably have to lose some faith in Marvin Mims Jr. After all, Mims already meets the requirements of a classic downfield burner who can open the field for his quarterback.

If Mims can be developed into a true receiver this year, the Broncos’ draft needs, as claimed by PFF, would become significantly less urgent.

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