Massachusetts authorities may appoint receiver to oversee controversial cannabis commission
Massachusetts authorities may appoint receiver to oversee controversial cannabis commission

Massachusetts Inspector General Jeffrey Shapiro has asked state authorities to appoint a receiver to oversee the Cannabis Control Commission, which has been under scrutiny for delays in regulation and allegations of a toxic work environment.

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Massachusetts authorities are considering a receiver for the state’s Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) after lawmakers called the agency a “train wreck” and a “Wild West” at a hearing Tuesday. WBUR Report. The Commission is under scrutiny over allegations of a toxic work environment, the suspension of senior staff and regulatory delays.

The hearing of the legislature’s Joint Committee on Cannabis Policy came after state Inspector General Jeffrey Shapiro asked officials to appoint a receiver to oversee the CCC.

“If it weren’t urgent, I wouldn’t have approached the matter in this way. The longer the CCC languishes, the less certainty and stability there is for applicants and licensees, patients and caregivers, investors, consumers and host communities.” – Shapiro, to the committee, via WBUR

While lawmakers from both parties expressed concerns about the agency, the committee’s vice chairman, Democratic Rep. Rob Consalvo, called the appointment of a receiver “the nuclear option,” noting that it had “never happened before at a government agency.”

Shapiro claimed that a receiver would be a short-term solution while lawmakers consider deeper reforms to the agency. The agency’s leadership believes “they are beholden to no one, there is no oversight, and they can more or less do whatever they want.”

Following the hearing, a CCC spokesperson told WBUR that the agency “takes the concerns identified seriously” and is “proud of its track record of promoting and regulating a safe, effective and equitable medical and recreational cannabis industry.”

State Senator Michael Moore (D), who has called the CCC “a black eye for the legal cannabis industry in Massachusetts,” filed an amendment to the Senate Economic Development Act this week that would allow the governor to appoint a receiver.

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