How to show emotions in Once Human
How to show emotions in Once Human

Once human is a social game at its core, and when other people are around, there are multiple ways to communicate as well. The game features both text and voice chat, but for those who want to keep their interactions short and wordless, there’s always the option of using emotes.

Emoting has become more or less an integral part of MMOs, and players all over the world Once human Supported platforms will be happy to know that they can use as many emotes as they like while playing. However, the game doesn’t explain to players how to do this, and considering you have to navigate through multiple menus to configure your emotes, you can hardly blame anyone for not knowing how to do this.


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How to use emotes in Once Human

Customizing the Emote Wheel in Once Human

  1. Configure emotes in the Cosmetics tab of the character screen.
  2. Press X to open the emote wheel

These are the two simple steps to using emotes. The game doesn’t inform players about the emote selector in the cosmetics screen, so if you haven’t explored that part of the menu, you probably won’t know that emotes even existed. It’s not as well explained as something like crafting weapons in Once humanbut the whole method is really not that complicated.

To set up your emotes, open the character screen by pressing the I key on your keyboard. Then navigate to the Cosmetics tab in the top right of the screen. From here, you can customize your character by equipping skins, accessories, and of course, emotes. For the latter, click on the Expressions and then select Actions. Select the emotes you want to equip, then drag them to the wheel on the right.

Using the Emote Wheel in Once Human

Once you have configured your emotes, press X to bring up your emote wheel. Move your mouse to the emote you want to use and then release the buttons. You can also skip the entire configuration part by pressing the More Option at the six o’clock position of the wheel. The emote wheel can also be used for expressions, which are basically stickers. They are not associated with any actions and mainly serve as extra flair when you are not playing with friends Once human.

When you purchase emotes from the store (or unlock them via the Battle Pass), they’ll automatically be added to your existing emote list. Simply follow one of the steps above if you want to take full advantage of the goodies in your account.

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July 9, 2024

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