Once Human: How to Fish
Once Human: How to Fish

As in most games, fishing can be a quick and convenient source of food in Once humanThe game doesn’t force this mechanic on anyone, but those who want to live near water can secure an easy meal by catching a few fish.

Fishing in this game is not particularly complicated, but it can be confusing at first. If you have decided to set up your base in Once human If you’re lying by a river or lake and want to grab some free food, fishing is the best method. Here’s a quick guide to the basics of fishing.


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How to fish in Once Human

Recipe for a simple fishing rod in Once Human

To start, you’ll need to craft a fishing rod. Bring 20 logs and 10 copper ingots to a workbench, then select the fishing rod from the list of craftable items. Once crafting is complete, place it in an empty slot on the quick bar.

Before you can start fishing, you first need to craft bait. The first type of bait you can craft is Dough Fish Bait, which is made from 1 corn. Corn can be found on certain farms – a handy place to get corn early in the game is Meyer’s Market. If you’ve accumulated a lot of Energy Compounds while playing Once humanthen consider purchasing bait instead from Margerie, an NPC vendor on the pier in Meyer’s Market.

Fishing in Once Human

Now that you have a fishing rod and some bait, it’s time to catch some fish. Approach any large body of water and get out your fishing rod. Then select the type of bait you want to use by holding down the R button. After selecting your preferred bait, hold down LMB to line up the fishing rod, then release to cast your line.

This is where things start to get confusing. In the bottom right of your HUD, you’ll see two bars with text cut off. The top bar reads “Hooked – Escape” while the bottom bar reads “Break – Slack”. Basically, the goal is to fill up the top bar on the far right while preventing the bottom bar from emptying or drifting to the left.

Once you cast your fishing rod, an icon that resembles a fishing tackle will appear. When it starts to glow, you have about five seconds to press and hold the left mouse button. Now hold down the left mouse button and start moving your camera away from the fish. Be careful not to pan too far away or your line might break. Keep adjusting your camera position until the top bar is filled and you can either keep or release the fish you catch. With fish in hand, you can cook even more types of food Once human.

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July 9, 2024

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