This is NJ’s favorite grocery store
This is NJ’s favorite grocery store

What is your favorite grocery store to visit when you need to stock up on groceries in New Jersey?

Several popular stores immediately come to mind: Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, ACME, Aldi, Shop Rite, Wegman’s…or maybe even Stop & Shop.

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We all have our preferences, but when it comes to the MOST POPULAR grocery store in New Jersey, I think there is no question.

A recent survey by WiseVoter identified Americans’ favorite grocery stores based on customer traffic by state.

So what is the most popular grocery store in New Jersey?

Shop Rite

Yes, on average the proven ShopRite is the grocery store of choice in New Jersey. According to the data, a purchase at ShopRite costs an average $4,856.76 per year.

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And what about price and quality? The prices are much cheaper than Whole Foods or Sprouts, for example. And the quality of the food and the cleanliness/organization of the stores overall is solid.

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As of May 2024, ShopRite will have around 330 shops in 6 states, most of them in New Jersey. With around 176 locations in the Garden State, you’re probably just a few miles away from one.

Is ShopRite your personal favorite grocery store? Honestly, it’s not one of my favorites since I usually prefer Wegman’s or Trader Joe’s, but Shop Rite is always reliable!

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