Duluth police now need help identifying a suspected car thief
Duluth police now need help identifying a suspected car thief

Recently, a crime occurred in Duluth in which a stolen vehicle crashed and caused damage.

Duluth Police have a photo of the suspect and are now trying to reach out to the public in hopes of identifying the person and bringing him to justice.

There is a good chance that with the help of the public and social media, this person can be identified and held accountable for his actions.

Duluth Police ask the public for help

Duluth Police used their Facebook page on Wednesday, July 11, to share the photo they received and information about the case.

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According to police, the person in the photo is a suspect in a car theft case. The stolen vehicle later crashed near Harvey Street in Duluth, causing extensive damage.

Anyone with information regarding the identity of the person listed below should call 911 and quote ICR number 24089849.

Duluth Police Department Facebook

Duluth Police Department Facebook

You can also submit anonymous tips at any time by sending the keyword “DPDTIP” along with any other information you wish to share to 847411.

In situations like this, the more people see this picture and get the information that goes with it, the better the police’s chances of finding the suspect and closing the case. Even if you have no idea who this person is or no information related to this case, a quick post on your social media can go a long way toward solving the case.

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