Washington County Grand Jury Indicts 18 People | News, Sports, Jobs
Washington County Grand Jury Indicts 18 People | News, Sports, Jobs

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MARIETTA – A Marietta man accused of raping a minor and giving her drugs and alcohol was among 18 people indicted this week by a Washington County grand jury.

Christopher Cody Perot, of 127 Ward Street in Marietta, was charged with first-degree rape, third-degree sexual abuse of a minor, two counts of fourth-degree drug abuse and failure to comply with minors’ alcohol laws, a misdemeanor not classified as a felony.

According to court documents, in July 2023, Perot had sexual contact with a teenager whose ability to resist or consent was significantly impaired and provided the victim with marijuana and alcohol. He is also alleged to have provided marijuana to the same minor in June 2023.

The grand jury also indicted the following individuals:

* John Craig Daniels, 51, homeless; a fourth-degree felony charge of trespassing in a dwelling in the presence or probable presence of a person and a third-degree misdemeanor charge of criminal damage to property from January.

* Danielle Nichole Alexander, 41, 301 Ingleside Ave., Marietta; fourth-degree grand larceny in February.

* Jonathan Edward Brady, 47, 244 Eighth St., Elyria; trafficking in marijuana, a fifth-degree felony, beginning in May 2023.

* Rolando James Rodriguez, 49, Marietta; fourth-degree domestic violence, beginning in June.

* Brandon Lee Gibbs, 31, 515 Smith St., Marietta, one count each of fourth-degree trafficking in a fentanyl-like compound and fifth-degree possession of a fentanyl-like compound. Co-defendant Chad William Richard Warner, 39, 260 Greenbrier St., Marietta, was indicted on one count each of fourth-degree trafficking in a fentanyl-like compound, one count each of fifth-degree possession of a fentanyl-like compound and one count each of child endangerment and violation of a protection order, both first-degree misdemeanors.

In a separate indictment, Gibbs was also charged with fifth-degree burglary and theft.

* Kaleb Ryan William Scott, 20, 2502 Oak St., Ap. 3, Parkersburg; fifth-degree felony charge of unauthorized use of a vehicle in February.

* Aaron Eugene Puckett, 24, 19441 Circle Drive, Guysville; fourth-degree felony charge of receiving stolen property from June.

* Stacey Ann Johnson, 48, 631 Sixth St., Marietta; fourth-degree grand theft from January 2020 to June 2024.

* Korey Donald Lafferre, 30, Marietta; one count of third- and fourth-degree strangulation and one count of first-degree domestic violence dating back to May.

* Hannah Michal Stover, 45, 4826 Vore Ridge Road, Athens; aggravated possession of drugs, a fifth-degree felony, in February.

* Co-defendants Michael Douglas Kenney, 51, 600 Ullman St., Beverly, and Roger Lee Ward, 46, 1225 Weppler Road, Lowell; each face one count of fifth-degree possession of a fentanyl-like compound beginning in July 2023.

* Colton Lee Reed, 34, 221 Harmar St., Marietta; fifth-degree grand larceny and petty credit card misuse from June.

* Skylar Michael Paul, 31, last known address 1314 Glendale Road, Marietta; second-degree burglary and first-degree theft in June.

* Bradley Joseph Bates, 22, 35038 Cats Creek Road, Macksburg; theft, a fifth-degree felony, from July. Co-defendant Matthew Wayne Bryant, 25, 35038 Cats Creek Road, Macksburg; was charged with aiding and abetting the commission of a crime, a fifth-degree felony.

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