How to get meme points
How to get meme points

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Meme Points, Memetic Points or Ciphers are the same main currencies that players earn while playing. Once human to use them on the various meme trees to unlock new upgrades. Most of these upgrades are new materials that allow players to craft better and stronger weapons to face the threats around the world.

Players need a lot of Meme Points to purchase all of the upgrades in the four Meme Trees, with the cost increasing with each upgrade. Almost every upgrade requires previous upgrades within the same tree, so players will need to spend a lot of Meme Points even to get just one specific upgrade.


Once Human: How to access Rift Anchor

Rift Anchors can be found in most major locations in Once Human. Here’s how to access and use them.

How to get meme points in Once Human

The players will primarily Meme points are earned by leveling up. Each time players level up, they will earn a few Meme Points. You’ll get a lot at first, but the pace slows down as players reach higher levels. Players can also earn Meme Points by securing aberrations during a season or completing seasonal events, but the most direct method is always leveling up.

There are many upgrades in each tree that only require Meme Points, but others require players to obtain Energy Links as well. Luckily, these are mostly obtained by simply playing the game and progressing the story, which is also a great source of XP. When you earn XP, a small notification will appear on the left side of the screen shows how much XP you have. Players can also see how much XP they have left until the next level by looking at the inventory in the top left of the screen.


Once Human: How to Change Worlds

Although characters in Once Human are tied to servers, you can still switch worlds to team up with others if needed.

How to level up quickly in Once Human

Although there are many ways to earn XP in Once Human, players should make the most of their time, as some tasks are not as rewarding in terms of XP as others. Defeating enemies is an easy source of XP which offers decent rewards as long as players continue to tackle more difficult missions and take on the bigger enemies they find in the larger locations.

Completing travel quests is an easy way to earn XP, as most of these quests are completed simply by playing the game. Players can pursue these quests to focus on earning XP, but as long as you try to at least try everything the game offers, you will quickly complete dozens of travel quests, such as crafting a weapon. Players can also look for the List of world quests, all of which offer large amounts of XP when completedThese tasks can be quite difficult, but tackling them with friends is not only easy, but also a great source of XP for all participants.

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