Latest update on human remains found in Johnson County, Tennessee
Latest update on human remains found in Johnson County, Tennessee

The whereabouts of Victor Birchfield are still unknown.

Last weekend, human remains were recovered in the Butler community of Johnson County, but they could not be identified.

News 5 has confirmed that the remains were taken to the William L. Jenkins Forensic Center for an autopsy and toxicology examination.

These reports are expected to take between 60 and 90 days to prepare, but identifying the bodies, which is usually confirmed by DNA, is a much quicker process, according to criminal justice expert Eric Stanton.

Birchfield’s daughter, Tiffany Cole, confirmed that she had been given a DNA swab.

“If this is related to Fletcher’s escape, they need to look at the timing of Fletcher’s escape and then how long the body was there so they can establish a chronology – when the two met, what happened, was Fletcher hitchhiking and got a ride from this Good Samaritan? To be able to determine not only how long he’s been dead, but more importantly, the cause of death,” Stanton said.

At a vigil for her father, Tiffany Cole spoke about Birchfield and the ongoing search for him.

“Most of you know that remains were found in Johnson County. They are believed to be my father’s. However, we do not have DNA confirmation of this yet,” she said.

Cole says the family still has unanswered questions.

What do we do next? What’s our next step? And hopefully we can find some time to stop and grieve for him, but I think it’s going to be years before I pick up the phone to call him.

A search party was scheduled to locate Birchfield on July 13, but the operation has been postponed until law enforcement releases further details.

Identification of the body is expected to be released by the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

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