GNOME 47’s new font: How to try it on Ubuntu
GNOME 47’s new font: How to try it on Ubuntu

News the GNOME design team wants to make Inter The default font in GNOME 47 made me curious to see what the font might look like in action.

Why Inter? This clean, open-source sans serif font is designed specifically for user interfaces. It is legible and clear at various sizes and resolutions, has a wide character set, and supports hundreds of languages.

However, this tentative typography change is not set in stone: we are still in the early stages of development of GNOME 47, the proposed font change is just that: a suggestion. Further testing is needed to ensure Inter is an adequate replacement for Cantarellthe current default setting of GNOME.

And even if GNOME decides to Inter the preferred interface font in GNOME 47 (released in September), it will not affect Ubuntu 24.10, as Ubuntu supports the Ubuntu Font by default (and has been since 2010).

But just because Ubuntu doesn’t follow the direction of upstream GNOME doesn’t mean you can’t. It’s easy to change the font in Ubuntu to any valid font installed on your system.

Zorin OS uses Inter and gives the distribution a very clean, neat look.

So with Inter If you see interest online, you may be eager to try it out. Here’s how to do it.

Set Inter as default font for Ubuntu

Ubuntu font (left) and Inter (right) side by side
Ubuntu font (left) and Inter (right) side by side

First install the Inter Font package from Ubuntu repo: –

sudo apt install fonts-inter-variable

Next, set the font from the command line using the following gsettings value1:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface font-name 'Inter Variable 11'

The change will take effect immediately.

Don’t want to use the command line?

Use the GNOME optimizations Tool to change the font of the user interface or use Dconf Editor (although it’s easy to accidentally change settings in the latter utility, so be extra careful when navigating it when using it).

Test fonts for size

Depending on your screen resolution and personal preference, you may find a font size of 11 to be a bit too large. I did. I chose a font size of 10.5 because it turned out to be the optimal value on my 2K display.

Inter 10.5 as interface font in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS
Inter 10.5 as interface font in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

Try different font sizes and find what works best for you.

If you try Inter and decide you don’t want to stick with it, you can revert to the Ubuntu font by repeating the steps above, for example via gsettings: –

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface font-name 'Ubuntu Sans 11'

As before, the change will take effect immediately.

Which type is your type?

Is there a desktop font you like to use the most? Let me know which one and what you think about it Inter as a possible default of GNOME 47 by leaving a comment.