How to get star fruit wine
How to get star fruit wine

Until the second year Stardew Valleyyour farm should have more than enough crafting equipment to increase the quality of your crops. While it’s clear that some fruits/vegetables sell better than others, you may be able to increase their value by ripening them in the farm’s basement. One type of fruit you’ll want to grow in bunches and ripen is the Starfruit. It sells for a hefty price, which can be increased depending on the profession you choose when leveling up the Farming skill.


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How to get star fruit seeds

How to Grow Starfruit

Stardew Valley Greenhouse Starfruit

As of update 1.6, there are three ways to get Starfruit seeds:

  1. You can buy star fruit seeds for 400g per pack At the oasis In Calico Desert. This is the most reliable, albeit expensive, way to get starfruit seeds in bulk. You can reach the desert by bus (500g for a ticket), a desert totem, or the desert obelisk.
  2. If the Pelican Town Bus has not been repaired yet, you can get Star Fruit Seeds from the Travelling carriage. On Fridays and Sundays, the Traveling Cart will set up its stall right at the entrance to the Secret Forest in Cindersap Forest. The vendor can carry a pack of Starfruit Seeds worth 600g to 1000g.
  3. If you have donated artifacts and gems to the museumyou will occasionally receive rewards from Gunther for your contributions. You can receive a pack of Starfruit Seeds after Donation of 15 items. The fastest way to get artifacts is to dig up artifact sites with the pickaxe and break open geodes you find in the mines.

Take star fruit seeds 13 days to grow, but their growth rate can be increased by the use of fertilizers such as Speed-Gro, Deluxe Speed-Gro, And Hyper Speed ​​Gro.

  • You can get Speed-Gro and Deluxe Speed-Gro from Pierre or make your own Speed-Gro/Deluxe Speed-Gro fertilizer.
  • For Hyper Speed-Gro, you will need the crafting recipe, which you can get in Qi’s Walnut Room for 30 Qi Gems.


Requirements for activation

Speed ​​Gro

Agriculture Level 3

Deluxe Speed ​​Gro

Agriculture Level 8

Hyper Speed ​​Gro

  • x1 Radioactive Ore
  • x1 Solar Essence
  • x3 bone fragments

Collect 100 walnuts to enter Qi’s Walnut Room on Ginger Island. Get 30 Qi Gems to purchase the recipe.

If you take up the farming profession, the growth rate (with fertilizer) increases by 10%.

How to make star fruit wine

Stardew Valley Shed with Barrels

Once you have starfruit, you can either sell it immediately or put it in a barrel to make starfruit wine. To get starfruit wine (and any other type of wine), you need to do the following: barrel. This crafting recipe is unlocked at Farming Level 8. You will need the following materials:

  • x1 Copper Bar
  • x1 Iron rod
  • x1 Oak resin
  • x30 wood

Build a large shed or barn and fill it with barrels. Depending on the layout, you can fit well over 60 barrels in just one building.


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Should you age star fruit wine?

How long does aging take?

Basement Farmhouse in Stardew Valley

When you fully upgrade your farmhouse, you can use the cellar. The cellar is the last upgrade at 100,000g and, unlike the kitchen and nursery upgrades, does not require wood/hardwood. At the start, your cellar only has 33 barrels. To make more, you will need:

Place a starfruit in a barrel to turn it into starfruit wine. Regardless of the quality of the starfruit, the wine ages from “No Star” to “Silver” to “Gold” and finally to “Iridium”:

  • Silver quality: 14 days.
  • Gold quality: 28 days
  • Iridium quality: 56 days

This means that to obtain Irididium Quality Starfruit Wine, you must let it mature for two seasons. If you prefer to sell gold quality, hit the barrel with the pickaxe, axe or hoe when it is a golden star on the front of the barrel. The same applies if you want silver quality. You can speed up the process with fairy dust (x1 diamond + x1 fairy rose), but this only increases the quality by one level. This means that you will have three Fairy dust to get from No Star to Iridium.

How much does star fruit wine sell for?

Should you sell it before or after aging?

Selling price of Starfruit Wine from Stardew Valley

Starfruit wine is the most expensive wine in the game if you age it to Iridium. The selling price depends on its quality and your profession. If you plan to use Starfruit wine as your main income as a crafter, you should Handyman Profession. This can only be obtained if you have chosen the profession of farmer at level 5 agriculture.

Here are the prices for star fruits and star fruit wine:




Profession of floor layer/craftsman

No star

Pork ham approx. 750g




Pork ham approx. 1030g


Pork approx. 1125 g



Pork ham approx. 1500g

Pork ham approx. 1650g

Starfruit wine

No star

Pork ham approx. 2250g

Pork ham approx. 3150g





Pork ham approx. 3375 g





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