How to get the Dwarf Gadget
How to get the Dwarf Gadget

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Search for every artifact in Stardew Valley exhibited in the museum can get boring very quickly if luck isn’t on your side. Artifacts can be dug up at the aptly named Artifact Sites or by breaking geodes. Gems are easier to come by thanks to ore deposits in the mines, but ones like the Dwarven Gadget aren’t as easy. If you want to craft something, get the Rusty Key to Pelican Town’s Sewers, and get the Stardrop from the museum, you’ll need to pick up a Dwarven Gadget at some point in your life. Stardew Valley Play through.


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All methods for farming dwarf gadgets

Where can I find the Dwarf Gadget artifact?

Stardew Valley Dwarf Gadget Geode

The only way to get a Dwarven Gadget is to have Clint break open Geodes/Artifact Finds or dig them up in the mines. In particular, you should break open Magma or Omni Geodes. If you have unlocked Ginger Island or Calico Desert, you can get Artifact Finds.

  • Magma geodes are found by breaking rocks that are found on Floors 81 – 119.
  • Omni Geodes can be found in Skull cave on every floorbut they also appear in the normal mines on the lower floors. Using bombs in the Skull Cave makes mining geodes and rocks much easier and faster.
    • You can also buy three Omni Geodes from Sandy for 1000g.
  • You can trade 5 Omni Geodes to the Desert Trader for an Artifact Treasure, but a “free” way to get Artifact Treasures is to dig them up with the Pickaxe at Artifact Sites on Ginger Island.
    • In 1.6, you can go to the Desert Festival from Spring 15th to 17th. When George is there, you can get an Artifact Find in exchange for 10 Calico Eggs.

Choose the Geologist (level 5) and Excavator (level 10) mining skills to double the chances of finding geodes. If you chose the Miner (level 5) profession instead, you can change this by interacting with the dog statue in the sewers of Pelican Town.

Dig up the dwarf gadget

If you dig in the dirt on floors 41 and above, you have a chance of finding a Dwarven Gadget. There is a large dirt patch on floors 55 and 95. You can use the hoe to dig up all the dirt tiles on the floor and then take the elevator back to floor 0. Then use the elevator again to go back to floors 55/95 and “freshen up” the dirt patches.

How to use Dwarf Gadget

Create recipes

Recipe for making a farm computer in Stardew Valley

You can donate a Dwarf Gadget to the Pelican Town Museum. Unlike the Dwarf Scrolls, the Dwarf Gadget is not required to receive the Dwarvis Translation Guide, but you must donate it if you want to receive the Burnt Offering furniture and the Museum Stardrop.

You need a dwarf device, a battery pack and 10 refined quartz to create the Farm computer. You will receive this crafting recipe in the mail from Demetrius after completing his special mission (Aquatic Overpopulation). The farm computer will scan your farm and display information such as how many haystacks are in the silos, which crops have not been watered yet, etc.

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