Hyperproof and BDO forge strategic partnership to improve corporate risk and compliance management
Hyperproof and BDO forge strategic partnership to improve corporate risk and compliance management

Monitoring, testing, auditing and complying with increasingly complex frameworks and regulations is becoming increasingly difficult as compliance requirements increase for organizations of all sizes. To address these issues, Hyperproof is pleased to enter into a strategic partnership with BDO, one of the country’s leading accounting and advisory firms.

The strategic relationship between BDO and Hyperproof streamlines compliance management, provides a holistic view of clients’ control environments, and supports multiple compliance requirements, including – but not limited to – System and Organizational Controls (SOC) reporting and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certifications. This approach helps clients consistently monitor compliance across industry standards, certifications, and frameworks and present data intuitively.

This collaboration enables BDO to expand its compliance reporting services for information security, risk and compliance professionals. By leveraging Hyperproof’s innovative platform, BDO increases efficiency in third-party attestation while maintaining its unwavering commitment to quality.

What does this mean for BDO and Hyperproof clients?

By using Hyperproof, the BDO team and its clients gain access to a number of benefits, including:

Access to a scalable platform

BDO clients can quickly add new frameworks to their Hyperproof instances, enabling them to rapidly scale and adapt to the changing regulatory landscape.

A simplified view

BDO and Hyperproof support complex control environments and make compliance management more accessible and efficient with Hyperproof’s simplified, intuitive view of compliance and risk data.

An efficient compliance reporting process

Hyperproof’s exportable dashboards and reports enable clients to streamline their processes while maintaining report integrity. BDO’s extensive experience helps clients identify which reports are most relevant for communicating with stakeholders and passing audits.

Real-time visibility

BDO clients receive real-time insights into compliance reporting schedules and progress, allowing them to understand their compliance situation at a glance.

Hyperproof’s platform aligns with our commitment to improving the customer experience and providing an integrated project management approach for organizations with multiple overlapping reports and compliance frameworks.”

Jeff Ward, Assurance Managing Principal, Risk Advisory Services and Third Party Attestation, BDO

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