3 Potential Trade Ideas for Jordan Clarkson
3 Potential Trade Ideas for Jordan Clarkson

Despite rumors that the Utah Jazz will part ways with Jordan Clarkson this offseason, the former Sixth Man of the Year is still preparing to start the year in Salt Lake City. So will Utah trade its longest-tenured player before the season begins? Let’s take a look at three potential moves that make sense for everyone involved.

Jazz sends Kris Dunn via sign-and-trade and Clarkson to Los Angeles Clippers for Russell Westbrook, PJ Tucker, Amir Coffey and two second-round picks.

In this hypothetical scenario, the details of the Kris Dunn trade to the Clippers have not been finalized and Clarkson will be added to the deal that goes back to the Clippers. The Jazz would likely release/buy out both Westbrook and Tucker in this scenario. Both have expiring contracts and would not play for Utah after this season.

This allows both to sign with a new team. The Jazz are sending Clarkson to a team that is a playoff contender and will gain some assets and salary cap relief next season.

Jazz sends Clarkson to Milwaukee Bucks and welcome Rui Hachimura and Gabe Vincent from the Los Angeles Lakers. The Bucks send Brook Lopez to the Lakers and get Clarkson from the Jazz. The Lakers send Hachimura and Vincent to the Jazz and get Lopez from the Bucks.

In this deal, the Jazz would receive top-four protection rights to the 2027 first-round pick they own from the Lakers, along with a 2031 first-round pick swap from the Bucks. The Bucks have reportedly tried to trade Lopez, and the Lakers are looking for a starting center.

The Bucks are above the second apron and this trade would save them about $8.9 million in salary and put them under the second apron. The Lakers would also save about $5.0 million in salary while having even more room off the second apron.

The Jazz would take in about $13.9 million in additional salary, but they currently have the most salary cap space in the league at $37.7 million, so they can afford it. They would also be compensated with the assets coming back from the other two teams in this deal. Hachimura averaged 13.6 PPG and 4.3 RPG for the Lakers last season.

Jazz sends Jordan Clarkson to Cleveland Cavaliers for Isaac Okoro via sign-and-trade.

The Jazz have more than enough to sign Okoro, a restricted free agent, with an offer sheet, but the Cavaliers can beat any offer the Jazz make and keep him. This trade idea ensures the Jazz get Okoro and the Cavaliers get Clarkson. The Cavaliers eliminate the possibility of losing Okoro to the free agent without getting anything in return.

The Cavaliers could use Clarkson as a backup as they look to get back into the playoffs next season. Okoro, the 5th pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, is only 23 years old and would be a nice young addition to Utah’s current wing lineup.

There is still a long way to go this offseason and with Danny Ainge at the helm, the Jazz will surely be involved in a lot of transfer talks.

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By Isla