How to get ammunition in Once Human
How to get ammunition in Once Human

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The main weapons that players will use Once human are weapons. There are several types of weapons that can be crafted at different levels and rarities, giving those who want to get stronger clear upgrade paths to take on the giant, stardust-filled monsters found throughout the game.

Unlike crossbow arrows, which can be picked up, bullets are single-use and players will need a lot of them. Ammo can be crafted fairly early in the game and with the right materials, players can quickly craft hundreds of bullets. Ammo is also very light in weight, allowing players to stock up before leaving their territory.


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How to make ammunition in Once Human

Ammunition is produced at the supply workbench, which can be built after Getting the Essential Tools Upgrade in the Crafting Memetic Upgrade tree. You must also buy the ammunition I Upgrade to be able to produce Gunpowder and Copper Ammo. Copper Ammo is the basic version of ammo that players can instantly produce in large quantities, with the recipe being the same for all bullet types:

  • 1 gunpowder
  • 3 copper bars

Copper Ore is a common material obtained from copper rocks, which look like normal rocks but have orange pieces on the surface. You also need the Upgrade Blacksmithing Basics in the Infrastructure tree to get a furnace to smelt charcoal and turn copper ore into copper ingots. Playing with friends is an easy way to maximize mining and find copper rock as quickly as possible. Gunpowder is a little more complex to make and can be crafted at the supply workbench.


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How to make gunpowder in Once Human

Gunpowder is made from:

  • 6 Sulfur
  • 3 Charcoal
  • 3 Acid

Charcoal can be melted in the furnace by burning logs. Sulfur is extracted from sulphur rocks, which are less high and wider than copper rocks, with yellow coloring on most parts of the rocky peak. Acid is a little harder to get and requires fighting enemies. Acid is looted from almost all dead enemies, with large amounts always found in abandoned buildings.

Head to a nearby building and use a crossbow to silently take out enemies one by one. Arrows from a crossbow can be picked up after being fired, giving players an easy source of acid without having to use a crafted weapon. Simple enemies in abandoned buildings quickly reappearallowing players to farm individual locations with weak enemies when they only need a simple source of acid.

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