The prices for the Wisconsin/Alabama gaming hotels are a disaster, the availability is a crisis
The prices for the Wisconsin/Alabama gaming hotels are a disaster, the availability is a crisis

Fans who have not yet booked a hotel room for the Wisconsin/Alabama game are in big trouble.

The Crimson Tide will be coming to Madison for a game against the Wisconsin Badgers on September 14th, and it’s undoubtedly one of the most important early games of the season. That’s why Big Noon Kickoff will be in town, and I’d be surprised if College GameDay wasn’t there, too.

I am so excited that I am spending almost $5,000 to attend the game (let me know at [email protected] if you also participate), and I did what many certainly did not do:

Book my hotel room very early.

The hotel situation for the Wisconsin/Alabama game is incredibly bad.

I heard some complaints about lack of availability, and with the game still more than two months away, you’d think there would be a handful of hotel rooms left on the Madison campus. But you’d be dead wrong.

I checked on Wednesday morning to see what options there were and whether the situation was really as bad as I had been told. It’s just brutal.

There are virtually no rooms available within a 60-minute walk of Camp Randall, and the remaining rooms cost thousands of dollars including the total bill, taxes and fees for two nights.

You think I’m kidding? Check out the screenshot below.

Remember when I booked my hotel room? In March. I booked it for around $550 and I can get to the stadium or downtown campus really quickly by Uber or on foot.

Failure to plan is planning to fail. The brutal reality is that if you don’t have a hotel room yet, you probably won’t get one. People aren’t canceling. That’s not going to happen, and that means it’s time to shell out big bucks.

There are a few hotels further away in Madison, but no one is walking to the game from there.

Additionally, ticket prices are high and will likely continue to rise through September 14. Want to sit on the 50-yard line?

This will cost you about $600 before taxes on the secondary ticket market.

Am I going to rant about how my trip is set (apart from some airline ticket issues that we still need to sort out) while many others don’t have the same plans? I won’t, because I’m not one to brag. All I’m saying is that if you haven’t already, you should get your tickets and hotels ASAP. See you all on September 14th. Let me know at. [email protected] if you’re going to the game too. Maybe we can meet up for a beer!

By Aurora