Utah hockey fans must pay a high price to make history
Utah hockey fans must pay a high price to make history

As many people know, the NHL is now located in Salt Lake City.

The team, temporarily named “Utah Hockey Club,” needs little introduction to hardcore and amateur hockey fans.

Whether someone has always had a passion for the game or is just now interested in it because of recent events, many in the Beehive State are eager to take up a new hobby as a cheerleader.

Utah residents take great pride in their favorite team and we are sure that fanatical energy will transfer to the Yeti/Mammoth/Outlaws.

Since this is a brand new franchise, you don’t have to worry or stress as a new fan.

There is no way to be a follower because there is no train to jump on.

In the first year, it’s all about proving a fan’s loyalty right from the start.

There are many positions available to become the number one die-hard fan of the Utah Hockey Club.

No one will or can accuse you of going with the crowd if you throw the logo on your computer background screen.

No one can say you’re not a real fan if you’re wearing a replica sweatshirt and a new hat you bought right at the Delta Center.

If you want to be one of the die-hard fans from the very beginning, no one can stop you, no one can compete with you. This is your team with a fresh history that you can grow from.

For new, die-hard fans, the key to success is to attend as many games as possible, at least the ones that really matter.

No game currently has more significance than Utah’s regular season opener at home against the Chicago Blackhawks on October 8th.July.

Not only will it be the debut of the newest NHL team on its home ice, the game will also be broadcast on ESPN as a tripleheader on the opening night of the NHL in North America.

Next up, the Florida Panthers, the defending champions, raise their banner before battling the Bruins, and the Blues, who take on the Seattle Kraken.

It is sure to be a huge ratings magnet and a thoroughly electrifying atmosphere.

You can “technically” attend the Utah Hockey Club’s first game on September 23 at the Delta Centerrda warm-up game against the Los Angeles Kings.

The game will be a lot of fun whether it’s a preseason game or not, but many fans would agree that it won’t compare to the opener against Chicago.

The preseason will be forgotten, the opening night of the regular season will be immortalized.

For the new die-hard fans, this game is a hot topic and unfortunately for many, this is reflected in the price.

According to Seat Geek, the hockey club’s official ticket partner, ticket prices for the opening game against Chicago currently start at $263 per ticket.

At the Delta Center, a stadium built for basketball, the idea of ​​an all-visible ice hockey rink has already been rejected.

So when it comes to Section 135, Row 16, fans might be a little concerned that they might have a limited view of the ice from their seat, even if they’re shelling out $263 to experience the stadium.

It would be a shame if you paid so much to get a feel for the UHC only to miss a Clayton Keller slap shot or a Mikhail Sergachev body check because your seat is half blocked.

Fortunately, Seat Geek doesn’t refer to this area as “restricted view” as it does with Section 15, Row 21 in the corner, a seat that would lighten your wallet by $560.

The top bowl is priced at just $263, the top is a ridiculous $909, and everything in between.

If you want to be closer to the action, no problem: For $1,010 per person, you can sit 23 rows behind the penalty box.

The currently cheapest tickets in the lower tier can be found in Section 4, Row 24 starting at $469.00.

The current price for a seat directly behind the net in Section 1, Row 23 is $525.

If you want to know the highest cost for an already expensive event, someone has listed their seats in row 7 on the ice side for $4,040 per ticket, which Seat Geek considers to be a 0.2 price bracket.

If the “super bargain” prices put you off, I strongly advise you not to look any further south, because it gets worse. Much worse.

Please note that the listed seats you will find when browsing the market are all verified resale tickets.

Single tickets will only be available from next Friday, the at 10:00 a.m. Utah time.

As discouraging as it may be, there is a chance – albeit small – that the entry price will calm down completely on Friday.

Don’t expect tickets to be cheap for a historic event like this, but a little less can go a long way.

Maybe getting there is your goal, but at these prices, no one is going to say you’re any less of a fan when your first game comes a few weeks after the premiere.

By Isla