New Jersey politicians draft plan to help citizens cope with rising temperatures
New Jersey politicians draft plan to help citizens cope with rising temperatures

CHERRY HILL, NJ (CBS) — The extreme heat In South Jersey it will occur more frequently due to Climate changesaid environmentalists from New Jersey.

For this reason, the state has developed a draft plan to ensure New Jersey residents can cope with higher temperatures.

The state has released a first draft of its Extreme Heat Resilience Action Plan, which provides the state with a plan to deal with higher temperatures.

“There was a gap here, we really had to think about how state agencies could really work together and take action to protect the citizens of New Jersey,” said Nick Angarone, Chief Resilience Officer with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). “Figure out how the state can take action to address these vulnerabilities is really critical to making sure our people, our friends, our neighbors and our families are resilient to the increased heat that we’re experiencing due to climate change.”

Initiatives include setting up more cooling centers and creating an online map with a list of cooling centers, free swimming pools and parks with adequate shade.

“It was important that we make sure we addressed this and got ahead of it so people weren’t caught off guard,” said Nathaly Agosto Filion, NJDEP’s deputy chief resilience officer.

Kelvin Baker of Cherry Hill, who spent part of his day exercising at Cooper River Park, liked the idea of ​​more cooling centers in the community.

“That would be cool. I’m going to need a cooling center here right after I graduate,” Baker said. “I could go straight to the cooling center, so that would be good.”

Click here for more information about New Jersey’s Extreme Heat Resilience Action Plan.

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