Liberal Media Scream: Welker pushes Meet the Press even further to the left
Liberal Media Scream: Welker pushes Meet the Press even further to the left

This week’s Liberal Media Scream features the latest demonstration that NBC Meet the press Anchor Kristen Welker, who has been in the news post for less than a year, has moved the show even further to the left than Chuck Todd did.

This Sunday, it was Welker who used her typical method to reinforce her point by demanding that another Republican “accept the election results,” which she evidently believes will lead to the re-election of President Joe Biden.

Their target was Senator JD Vance (R-OH), who was on former President Donald Trump’s shortlist of running mate.

“Can you say clearly and unequivocally here and now that you will accept the outcome of the 2024 election, whatever it is?” she asked, ignoring FBI warnings about voter fraud and some problems with the 2020 vote.

When Vance said he hoped for a clean election, Welker said he was implying that the election would not be fair. He countered that it was the media’s blindness to problems that threatened the election outcome, not a candidate’s hope for a problem-free election.

“I think people’s trust in the electoral system is actually undermined when the media is not interested in obvious examples of problems in our electoral system,” Vance said.

From Sunday Meet the press on NBC:

KRISTEN WELKER: Well, we are about a week away from the Republican National Convention. Before I let you go, can you say here and now, unequivocally and unequivocally, that you will accept the results of the 2024 election, whatever they are?

SEN. JD VANCE (R-OH): As long as it’s a free and fair election, Kristen, of course we will. We will use constitutional processes to challenge issues if we think there are problems. But if it’s a free and fair election, we will do what the Constitution requires. We will respect the results. And I expect those results will be a re-election of Donald Trump.

WELKER: It was a free and fair election in 2020. Donald Trump took his concerns to court. He lost in court. But he still hasn’t admitted defeat. Do you realize that by refusing to make clear commitments, you are fueling people’s concerns and skepticism about the electoral process in the country?

VANCE: Well, Kristen, I actually disagree. I think people’s concerns about our election process are compounded by the fact that half of America’s political spectrum will not support laws that make it harder for illegal immigrants to vote. They will not support universal voter ID in our elections, even though you have to show ID for almost everything in this country. I think if we take people’s concerns about voter fraud seriously, we can increase security and confidence in our elections.

WELKER: Yes, Senator, it is already illegal for non-citizens to vote. But on this very point, when you and others refuse to say, “Yes, we will accept the election results,” do you understand how that undermines people’s faith in the electoral system?

VANCE: But, Kristen, I just said I don’t agree with that. I think people’s trust in the electoral system is actually undermined by the media’s lack of interest in obvious examples of problems in our electoral system. I think we have great elections, but in some states, things could be better. I want to work to make that happen so that Americans have more trust in their elections. I will continue to do that.


Brent Baker, Vice President of Research and Publications at the Media Research Center, explains our weekly selection: “Welker has managed to Meet the press more of a vehicle for the liberal agenda than under Chuck Todd. Every week, it seems, she acts as thought police, demanding that Republican guests pledge allegiance to the Democratic party line in the media that elections cannot be questioned, and thus attempting to undermine their legitimacy as elected officials. In Vance’s case, she twisted his answer to make it the opposite of what it was so she could lecture him on his wrong thinking.”

Evaluation: FOUR out of FIVE SCREAMS.

By Everly