Massachusetts State Senate expected to pass Revolution Stadium bill
Massachusetts State Senate expected to pass Revolution Stadium bill

Photo courtesy of The Kraft Group

After years of searching, the Kraft family and the New England Revolution are finally getting land to build a soccer stadium!

According to the Boston Globe Matt StoutThe Massachusetts State Senate is expected to pass a 124-page economic development bill on Thursday that would pave the way for the Krafts to achieve their goal of building their own soccer stadium in the Boston area.

While the bill would initiate the process, Jon Chester explains the enormous amount of work that could be involved in this process. First, the land on which the stadium is to be built must be removed from a so-called designated port area, a government-regulated zone where development is essentially limited to use by the maritime industry.

Once the land is removed from the list of designated port areas, the Krafts will have to obtain a variety of state and local permits before they can begin construction, a process that could take up to two years, according to the article.

Once all necessary permits are in place, workers will need to demolish the unused portion of the power plant to make room for the stadium, which can be built on the site next to a currently active Eversource substation.

Lastly, and most importantly, there is work and improvements to transit around the stadium that need to be done. Although Sullivan Square is across the river, Chesto’s article states that there are plans to extend bus service from Chelsea through Everett and past the stadium. There are also talks of building a pedestrian bridge over the Mystic River between Assembly Road in Sommerville and Encore Boston Harbor. There have also been preliminary discussions about potentially adding a commuter rail stop in Everett. Since there are reportedly only 75 parking spaces on site, expect transit improvements to be made in advance of a potential opening.

Although no decision has been made on the stadium’s capacity, Revolutionary President Brian Billelo told globe that the stadium could accommodate up to 25,000 fans for 19 to 24 Revolution games as well as other sporting events, concerts and community festivals.

“These urban soccer stadiums have performed really well and are a great asset to the community. There is no doubt that if we could make this project happen, we would sell out,” said Bilello.

There is still a lot of uncertainty about the Everett project, but it seems like things are heading in the right direction for the Krafts. While there is still a lot of work to be done, it seems like fans are one step closer to seeing the New England Revolution in a home of their own.

By Aurora