Community honors Bowie couple who died on pilgrimage to Mecca – NBC4 Washington
Community honors Bowie couple who died on pilgrimage to Mecca – NBC4 Washington

A community came together to honor the lives of Alhaji Alieu Dausy and Haja Isatu Wurie, a couple from Bowie, Maryland who died in extreme heat while on their hajj to Mecca.

Hundreds of people attended a memorial service on Sunday evening to show their love and support for her family.

“It shows that we are strong in numbers and that our faith makes us strong to keep going,” said Saida Wurie, the couple’s daughter.

The family stated that the couple had to walk several kilometers during the pilgrimage, despite having initially paid the transportation costs.

The couple died in June along with more than 1,000 other pilgrims as a result of the extreme heat, which saw temperatures rise to over 49 degrees.

Last week, the couple’s three children visited their parents’ grave in Saudi Arabia and collected their belongings.

“This is really the only closure we can get at this point since they were already buried when we got there,” her daughter said. “I think it was definitely a little bit of closure that we were able to get.”

Dausy and Wurie worked for the U.S. Senate campaign of Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks. Wurie also served on the county’s African Diaspora Advisory Board.

A family friend said the most important thing was to make the family understand that they were not alone.

“It is now our duty to comfort her three children who are going through a lot of pain right now,” he said. “It is very, very hard for them, but we are with them as a family to comfort them.”

Saida Wurie said she is grateful for the great love and is now focused on keeping her parents’ legacy of sacrifice and devotion alive.

“There are already a number of foundations established. This is a way we will definitely get her name out there and continue to give back, donate and do charitable work to continue her legacy,” she said.

The family is still grieving, but says it is comforting to know that they can count on the unwavering support of so many people inside and outside the Muslim community.

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