With these tips you can survive the heat wave in Washington!
With these tips you can survive the heat wave in Washington!

We are experiencing a massive heatwave and I think you already know this, but I wanted to mention it again.

How hot is too hot to be outside?

“How hot does it have to be before it is safe to be indoors? Oller refers to the heat index here: Temps between 90 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit are considered “extreme caution,” and anything above that falls under the categories of “danger” and “extreme danger.” – Source

So how can we “stay cool” when there is scorching heat all around us?

Don’t worry, your little heart, we’ll take care of it!

Tips for cooling down during a heatwave

Here are some of the best tips! Stay cool, my friend.

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While the last option of “moving” seems odd, I know people who have literally said, “Nope, no more, we’re done!” and boom, they literally moved to Alaska. To each their own!

Personally, I love hot weather, even more than cold weather, because in the heat you can play in the water for hours. When we are cold, all we can do is put on layers of clothes and hope that we won’t get cold anywhere.

How hot was it in Washington State?

“Highest temperature ever recorded: 120°F in Hanford on June 29, 2021.” – Source

Holy crap! How did people even manage to survive? Maybe they followed one of the tips we gave you above.

I would die, I would just turn around and say, “Take me, dear Lord, little baby Jesus.” And I know I just said I love the heat, but 120 degrees?! No, no! Everyone has a limit. 105 is mine.

Tip for protecting pets from summer heat

With heat warnings in effect for much of the country, now is the time to prepare to protect your pets from the summer heat.

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5 reasons why Washington is best for road trips

The checklist for the new hiker in Washington State

Please do not go hiking in the Evergreen State or any other state without being FULLY prepared.

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