Current funding to connect thousands of sites in Massachusetts
Current funding to connect thousands of sites in Massachusetts


A recently announced round of grants in Massachusetts aims to connect thousands of remote and rural locations across the state.

By: Brad Randall, Broadband Communities

More than $45 million in funding has been provided to connect thousands of sites in over 40 Massachusetts communities.

The grants will be awarded through the state’s Broadband Infrastructure Gap Networks Program and will be used to connect homes, businesses and key community facilities, according to the Massachusetts Broadband Institute, which serves as the state’s broadband office.

The grants total $45.4 million and will be matched by an additional $40 million in grants, according to a July 2 press release from the Massachusetts Broadband Institute (MBI).

In her comment on the grants, Governor Maura Healey thanked the state’s federal partners and the U.S. Department of the Treasury for providing the funds made available to the state from the Capital Projects Fund (CPF).

“Our government is committed to closing the digital divide and ensuring every home and business in the state has the internet connection they need to fully participate in the 21st century economy,” Healey said.

According to the MBI press release, the recipients of the grants were listed as Comcast, Greenfield Community Energy and Technology, Spectrum Northeast LLC and Verizon New England Inc.

“The close cooperation with these organizations and the support from the municipalities themselves are crucial to the success of these projects,” said MBI Director Michael Baldino.

Baldino, quoted in the press release, said the state is committed to a quick and efficient construction process “to ensure that residents at these 2,000-plus locations receive the same broadband access that many of us take for granted.”

According to the MBI announcement, the grants will affect communities across the state, including southeastern Massachusetts, western Massachusetts, and communities on Cape Cod and the islands.

A deadline of December 31, 2026, has been set for the projects associated with the grants to achieve “substantial completion” status, according to the MBI press release.

The application process for a second round of grant funding through the federal Broadband Infrastructure Gap Networks Program ended on July 2, according to the MBI press release.

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