Iowa welcomes the world’s best disc golf players to the tournament
Iowa welcomes the world’s best disc golf players to the tournament

INDIANOLA, Iowa – The third and final round of the 2024 TruBank Des Moines Challenge started Sunday morning in Indianola after a brief lightning delay.

The event is a three-day disc golf tournament at Pickard Park for the best male and female disc golf players from around the world.

Each round consists of 18 holes. Sunday’s round was scheduled to start at 7:30 a.m., but due to thunderstorms, the tee time was moved to 8:30 a.m.

Spectators report that there have been weather-related delays for the past three years, so this is nothing new for fans, many of whom follow the sport with devotion and even sat in the rain for the first few laps.

The fan area is called “Bee Hyve” and is located next to hole 5, where the athletes throw the disc over a pond.

The weekend tournament is especially exciting for Central Iowa because an Urbandale native is defending an international title. 19-year-old Gannon Buhr is the best disc golf player in the world.

Tournament director Ty Tannett said Gannon helped inspire the local community to invest money in Pickard Park, making it one of the top 75 golf courses in the world.

“Gannon is a great inspiration to all of us, myself included. Watching him climb the career ladder made me want to get more involved in disc golf myself and our community,” said Tannett.

Spectators will find out tonight after the 18th hole whether Gannon has successfully defended his title.

Anyone can come along and participate in the tournament on Sunday. Tickets can be purchased online and are $25 for general admission.

Pickard Park is located at 2205 East 2nd Avenue in Indianola.

By Liam