FS Weekly 89: Insights and research on building lasting businesses
FS Weekly 89: Insights and research on building lasting businesses

This week’s FS Weekly Covers:

  1. The Art of Entrepreneurship: 10 Beautiful FS Interviews to Inspire You to Embrace Life’s Struggles and Make the Most of Your Life
  2. Founder story: Five founders on their way to self-employment
  3. Business Deep Dive into the rush from digital to physical
  4. Insights into motivated thinking and startup failure
  5. Brand Story on the key insights from the webinar “AI leaders reveal their secrets”
  6. Recommendation

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The art of entrepreneurship

10 beautiful FS interviews that will inspire you to embrace life’s struggles and live to the fullest

While we naturally try to avoid difficulties, in reality it is our difficulties and struggles that ultimately make us who we are. This collection of interviews from our archives includes conversations with Arif Khan, Ashraf Bin Taj, Asif Saleh, Dr. Shahadat Khan, Ejaj Ahmad, Saleh Mujahid, Towheed Feroz, Zia U Ahmed, Iqbal Quadir and Misha Ali.

Founding story

Five founders talk about their path to entrepreneurship, building a company in challenging markets and finding growth levers in the early stages

Our new founder story interview collection features fascinating conversations with Irfan Rafique of SupplyLine, Aminul Islam of AyyKori, Fahim Salam of Nuport, Shabab Shahriar Khan and Muhammad Saeedul Alam of Biniyog, and Abdul Gaffar Sadi of Drutoloan.

Detailed insights into the business

The rush from digital to physical: Bangladesh’s online companies rely on brick-and-mortar retail

Learn how Bangladesh’s emerging online businesses are increasingly gaining a foothold in the real world. From e-commerce giants to edtech innovators and agritech players to digital healthcare companies, a growing group of digital businesses are opening offline experience centers and service delivery hubs.


Motivated thinking is a major cause of startup failure

Learn how motivated reasoning, our tendency to use our thinking to support positions we already agree with or reject positions we already disagree with, regardless of the evidence, leads to failure.

History of the brand

The Future of AI: Key Takeaways from Sigma Computing’s AI Leaders Reveal Their Secrets Webinar

As AI continues to transform industries at a breakneck pace, understanding its real-world applications and future trajectory is critical for companies and professionals who want to stay ahead. Sigma Computing’s recent webinar, “AI Leaders Share Their Secrets,” brings together some of the brightest minds in the AI ​​industry to share their experiences, strategies, and vision for the future.


Financing Summary: Chaldal, Sokrio and Tiger New Energy raise new capital


So you want to free yourself from the swamp

Adam Mastroianni gives advice on how to get ahead in life and career:

“Most of my attempts to free myself look, from the outside, like I’m doing nothing at all. I stand motionless in the bog and scream, “IT’S ME TRYING!” This means that I don’t have enough activation energy – I can’t make the brief but extraordinary effort needed to escape the bog, so I stay exactly where I am.”

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