Missing Michigan teenager found after Twitch livestream appearance
Missing Michigan teenager found after Twitch livestream appearance

A missing 17-year-old has been found after randomly appearing on a Twitch livestream in Miami months after he disappeared in Michigan.

On May 21, the Flint Township Police Department asked for the public’s help in locating the Flint, Michigan teenager who was last seen leaving his home and presumably boarding an MTA bus.

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A family member contacted the Twitch creator after the teenager was seen on the live stream

Last Wednesday, streamer FaZe Lacy revealed that the teen’s brother contacted him and said the teen was suffering from a mental disorder. It also confirmed to the family that the teen was still alive, Lacy added.

“My missing little brother from Michigan was on Clix and Lacy’s stream in Miami. He was wearing green shorts and they were making fun of him. He doesn’t do drugs, he’s schizophrenic,” the streamer said in the email shared.

A clip from the viral video shows the streamers eating at a restaurant when the shirtless teenager approaches them.

According to police, the missing teenager was found “safe and sound”

On July 4, police confirmed that the teenager had been found.

“The Flint Township Police Department would like to extend a sincere THANK YOU to everyone who came forward with information regarding the missing person,” police said. “He was found safe and sound in Miami, Florida and we are working with local authorities to arrange his safe return to Michigan to be with his family.”

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