Market share and forecast for Enterprise Service Management
Market share and forecast for Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service Management Market

If your organization wants to prioritize effective cross-departmental service delivery, you’re most likely looking for a reliable and feature-rich Enterprise Service Management (ESM) software. It’s no secret that ESM is on everyone’s radar: This approach ensures that all service delivery is aligned with your organization’s overall goals, which is no small feat.

Many organizations offer a wide range of support services, and to achieve this they need to actively and effectively collaborate. Enterprise Service Management software helps you do this by applying IT Service Management (ITSM) concepts to other domains, helping to unify measurements, consolidate knowledge, and ensure a consistent employee experience. What’s more, it’s a great strategy to increase your company’s service desk ROI!

To help you in your search, we’ve compiled a list of the five best ESM compatible software options currently available on the market. To have a successful experience, you need to consider a few crucial features. Making the wrong decision can put both your budget and your team at risk, so read on to make sure you make the right decision!

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What is Enterprise Service Management (ESM)?
Enterprise Service Management refers to companies reinforcing their IT service delivery procedures with predefined quality criteria. It refers to the delivery of world-class business services across all areas of an organization, from backend operations teams such as human resources, legal, and finance to customer-facing teams such as marketing, sales, and customer support.

ESM methodologies have evolved from the more widely used concepts of IT service management (ITSM), which many organizations use to improve and maintain the quality of their IT service delivery while achieving ROI from their digital strategy.

IT departments are becoming increasingly important in connecting different business areas and achieving better results. As collaboration increases, it becomes more urgent for companies to implement processes that allow teams to set clear quality control criteria and work without bottlenecks.

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The 5 Best Enterprise Service Management Software

Let’s look at five of the leading ESM software on the market.
Jira Service Management

Atlassian has developed Jira Service Management, a comprehensive enterprise platform that facilitates collaboration between development, IT operations, and business teams. The platform can handle service requests, issues, threats, assets, and infrastructure configurations. It also includes knowledge management tools to focus support articles and reduce ticket requests.

Users appreciate the versatility of the platform, which allows teams to customize workflows and combine the tool with other Atlassian products. Jira Service Management is a fantastic alternative for companies looking for a unified technology stack for their backend and frontend teams.

ManageEngine Service Desk Plus

ManageEngine Service Desk Plus is a platform that integrates IT service management, IT asset management, configuration management and ESM capabilities. Available both on-premises and in the public cloud, the platform emphasizes flexibility. Organizations can use multiple versions of the ManageEngine platform to meet all ITSM maturity levels.
ManageEngine centralizes all essential aspects of an ESM system, including incident and problem management. You can also use the platform to examine configuration items for your IT infrastructure and leverage the data to support other IT operations and accelerate problem resolution.

Freshworks Freshservice
Freshworks Freshservice is a comprehensive platform that includes capabilities for ITSM, business services, IT operations, asset management, and project portfolio management. In addition to tools for problem solving, knowledge management, and overall infrastructure visibility, the platform enables you to create automated processes for all internal and employee-related procedures.

Teams use Freshservice’s modern user interface to create employee portals that contain a universal IT service catalog with services for IT, HR, finance, facilities, and more.
Small and medium-sized businesses benefit from Freshservice because it is easy to set up and use right away. The platform’s connectors, AI-powered features, and process builders enable teams to scale up ESM practices.

Ivanti ESM
Ivanti Service Management uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to support its employee-centric service capabilities. The platform emphasizes automation across all service management solutions and eliminates manual processes with features such as an AI-powered chatbot and proactive issue detection.

The platform’s modular architecture makes it ideal for evolving businesses. Teams can start with ready-to-use incident management and ticket assignment systems. As IT operations become more complex, companies can add new features to meet their IT maturity requirements. Automatic ticket classification, problem diagnosis and remediation are among the features that are top of mind for companies with more complex IT operations.

ServiceNow ESM
The ServiceNow Now Platform is a leading solution that helps digitally-focused organizations connect business and IT activities with features such as automated workflows, AI assistants, a sophisticated employee portal, and a diverse set of Now Platform apps.

Teams use the Now platform to improve consistency and employee productivity with customizable process builders and AI-powered features. Users value ServiceNow’s automation tools that allow them to create and manage cross-functional processes without writing code.

The platform also uses technologies like machine learning and natural language processing to help companies solve problems faster. Teams can use these intelligent features to personalize Now Platform apps so they can adapt to individual behaviors and reduce the need for human interaction wherever possible.


How to choose the right ESM software?

Choosing the best ESM software requires a careful evaluation of various aspects that meet your company’s goals and objectives. Start by identifying your company’s unique needs and goals for using ESM software. Consider the size of your company, the complexity of your operations, the number of employees, and the services you offer.

It is important to be clear about your goals for implementing ESM software. Do you want to optimize your ITSM, improve customer service, improve departmental communication, or automate workflows? Understanding your goals will help you determine if a particular software solution will meet your needs.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ Enterprise Service Management Market Share, 2022, Worldwide and Enterprise Service Management Market Forecast, 2022-2027, Worldwide reports are valuable resources for organizations seeking insights into the Enterprise Service Management (ESM) landscape. These reports provide critical information to help select the right tools for effective data management strategies.

In addition, you should check the ESM software’s pricing plan, which can be based on user licenses, subscriptions, or a one-time payment. Calculate the total cost of ownership by including not only the initial investment, but also ongoing maintenance, updates, and any additional modules or services you may need.

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Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is a powerful framework that leverages the fundamental concepts of IT Service Management (ITSM) to transform and improve many elements of an organization. It’s no wonder that ESM is a key priority for many. Implementing ESM goes beyond meeting the growing demands of the modern workplace; it actively enables faster operations, promotes improved collaboration, improves service delivery, and ultimately increases customer satisfaction.

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