Colorado teenager dies on July 4 after jumping into electrified lake
Colorado teenager dies on July 4 after jumping into electrified lake

Every year, people lose fingers or accidentally blow themselves up with fireworks, but no one expects to get electrocuted on the Fourth of July. Sadly, a Colorado teenager died after swimming in an electrified lake on the Fourth of July while celebrating with some friends.

While some Fourth of July accidents can be attributed to stupidity, it’s even more tragic that the Colorado teenager wasn’t at fault. Who would expect there to be electricity in a lake? The death of 18-year-old Jesse Hamric feels very tragic and inevitable. Like most 18-year-olds, Hamric just wanted to have a little fun with his friends for the holidays. Hamric and his buddies drove to Smith Mountain Lake outside of Roanoke, Virginia, to celebrate.

However, when Hamric jumped into the water, his friends immediately realized something was wrong. They plunged into the water to save him, only to be electrocuted themselves in the process. However, according to WDBJ, they managed to fish Hamric out of the water, even though he was also electrocuted.

When one of his friends noticed that the Colorado teenager wasn’t breathing, he began CPR. Another called for help. Investigators determined that the water was electrified. The cause was stray voltage from a dock at a nearby private home. Although no further information is available, it sounds like a tragic accident. Investigators do not believe there was any foul play.

Teenager from Colorado dies

Hamric had just graduated from high school. The teenager from Colorado had his whole life ahead of him.

“Ever since I met this kid, he’s just one of a kind,” his friend Alex Schwab told KDVR. “You see him and you think he always has a smile on his face.”

“I still can’t process it. It makes me so angry,” he added.

A GoFundMe campaign raised nearly $100,000 for the family following his death. The campaign stated, “They are true servants to our community, making life better in Steamboat Springs through everything they do and their personalities! Jesse was a much-loved friend who brought light and positivity wherever he went, and we will miss him every day.”

They continued, “The goal of this fund is to support the family and fund a ‘Jesse Cyrus Hamric Foundation for Courage and Love.’ Thank you for joining us in giving back to this family that we love and adore and who has given so much of themselves to our community!”

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