Small meat processors in 13 cities receive government subsidies
Small meat processors in 13 cities receive government subsidies

Thirteen companies will receive government funding this year from a fund to support small meat processors.

Kanan Kappleman, spokeswoman for the Iowa Economic Development Authority, says the grants total more than $970,000. “Eligible projects under the Butchery and Revitalization Fund include expanding or renovating an existing facility or starting a new business,” she says. Kappleman says the money is often used to purchase equipment.
“Refrigerators, freezers or equipment needed to expand the processing capacity of a facility,” says Kappelman.

Kappelman says the fund was set up after the need for these types of processors became apparent when major meat processors closed during the pandemic. She says there are few requirements to receive the grants. “First, they would have to be eligible to do business in Iowa. Second, they would have to employ fewer than 75 people,” she says. The size of the grants is also limited. “The maximum grant amount for each company was $100,000, and these grant funds cannot cover more than 50 percent of eligible project expenses,” Kappelman says.

Five projects had applied for grants but were not funded this year.

Here is a list of grant recipients, indicating the project scope and the amount of the grant awarded:
Amana Farms Beef Homestead project cost: $16,640; Grant awarded: $8,320
Bailey Beef Processing Anita Project Cost: $83,000, Grant Approved: $41,500
The cost of the Cooks Meat Locker LLC Parnell project was $200,000; the grant awarded was $100,000.
Double Dutch Meat Processing, Inc. Pella project cost $200,000; Grant awarded: $100,000
Edgewood Locker INC Project Cost: $200,000; Grant Awarded: $100,000
Friedrichsen Meat Company LLC Sutherland Project cost $200,000; Grant awarded: $100,000
Grimm Family Farm LLC Williamsburg project cost: $176,503; Grant awarded: $88,251
Jakes Meat Market Sibley Project Cost: $60,418; Grant Approved: $30,209
LDL Investments Brighton Project Cost: $99,210; Grant Awarded: $49,605
Northcote Meats Inc. Melcher project cost $200,000, Grant awarded: $100,000
Regenerative Food Processing Stacyville project cost: $105,350, Grant approved: $52,675
Skoglund Meats & Locker Inc. West Bend project cost: $200,000; Grant awarded: $100,000
The cost of the Good Butcher LLC Des Moines project was $200,000 and the grant awarded was $100,000.

By Liam