Utah Treasure Hunt 2024 narrows down the location with first clues
Utah Treasure Hunt 2024 narrows down the location with first clues

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Last week, the details of this year’s Treasure hunt in Utah were revealed, prompting eager adventurers to head outside and hike to win the $25,000 prize.

This year there is a special feature: The puzzle is in Spanish, which has never been done in any other language before. Organizers David Cline and John Maxim said they want to make the hunt a little different each year.

They said to keep in mind that locations are chosen with safety in mind and wanted to remind hunters to bring plenty of water and sunscreen.

Since the mystery is still unsolved, Cline and Maxim have released some clues to help hunters in their further search.

Utah Treasure Hunt Puzzles 2024:

If you are in pain, heal yourself with gold
Find the tone where you sing your heart
Find the location for the name you are using
Cross the volcano and stay in the shade
Where do you learn to be happy earlier?
Do we eat lobster in the morning?
When I see the madman
Further to the right, I can do that
See the numbers as if a shepherd were dying
The son, when the race was, observed
Now you are there, one last stretch
Find a place with the best view

– Utah Treasure Hunt 2024

Clues will be released every Friday until the treasure is found. The first set to be released on June 21st are:

Note No. 1:

Clue #1 is an image that represents the limits of the treasure hunt.

Border map included in Note No. 1.

Note No. 2:

In the 10th line, “el llegó” should have been “él llegó”; we missed the accent. All other capitalization, punctuation and grammar are intentional. Pay particular attention to the only initial letter of a line that is not capitalized.

Border map included in Note No. 2.

Note No. 3:

We didn’t measure it exactly, but the chest is hidden about 30 to 50 feet off the path.

Image included in email after note #3.

Cline and Maxim also put together a list of tips to keep in mind:

  • We will never hide the chest in a state or national park
  • The chest is not located in a hut, shed or other building
  • You never have to buy anything to solve the clues in the poem
  • We will never hide the chest in a ski resort

Organizers also wrote that the chest is in its safest location yet this year and asked hunters to quickly snap a photo of themselves picking up trash while hiking.

“We have been working on a project for three years and are almost finished,” they wrote.

As long as the treasure is still out there, you can sign up for further clues via the Utah Treasure Hunt website and follow @die.cline.fam And @aufdemjohn on Instagram.

By Isla