Grandma’s Marathon will not take place until race day due to possible storms
Grandma’s Marathon will not take place until race day due to possible storms

DULUTH, Minnesota — As raging waters rushed past Duluth’s residential areas this week, the more than 20,000 participants in the Grandma’s Marathon were already monitoring the weather.

However, race organizers said it was lightning strikes that could bring runners to a halt.

Carrie Rodman of Eagan is in Duluth on the Friday before the race.

“I mean, it’s really nice here right now,” Rodman said.

She hopes Mother Nature doesn’t get in the way of her seventeenth marathon, especially after all the training and having to miss last year’s race due to a broken heel.

“It would be disappointing, but also understandable,” Rodman said. “There are a lot of people involved whose safety needs to be ensured, whether they’re spectators, volunteers or runners.”

Grandmas Marathon officials said the decision will be made at 3 a.m. Saturday. Race officials said they are optimistic because the weather is shaping up to be good.

If the race goes ahead as planned, race officials say runners should prepare for wet and cool conditions and recommend wearing warm and waterproof clothing.

“My marathon addiction started maybe two or three years ago,” said Rachel Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is in Duluth, all the way from Los Angeles.

“I run a marathon in every state. For me, this is state 24,” Rodriguez said.

For Rodriguez, a race cancellation would be devastating.

“It would be terrible. I’ve had very good luck in marathons so far. It is what it is. It’s about everyone’s safety, so I understand that,” Rodriguez said.

The two runners said no matter what happens, there are still more races to be run.

“Hopefully we’ll be at the finish line tomorrow and running through the finish line,” Rodman said.

By Liam