Friday is the hottest day of the year in DC so far.
Friday is the hottest day of the year in DC so far.

Friday was the hottest day of the year in the district. Forecasts suggest even hotter days to come. But for now, Friday’s high of 35 degrees is the undisputed thermal champion.

Perhaps all days that have been inducted into the 95-degree club have more similarities than differences. But as such days go, even Friday didn’t seem to be among the worst in Washington and had its pleasant moments.

Yet in some ways it seemed fitting that the country’s capital should experience the hottest day of the year on the first full day after the solstice, the beginning of astronomical summer.

Weather experts and regular Washingtonians may want to parse the finer points of Friday’s weather conditions, but the day and the bright June sun seemed undeniably summer-appropriate.

It could have been seen as a kind of atmospheric calling card, a sign that nature had not forgotten us during the idyllic spring weeks. Friday, with its 95 degrees, showed that nature was still dealing with the summer heat and had not stopped working.

But efforts to find some summer comfort despite the heat were rewarded with relatively small successes. In Washington, the air was often moving, which provided enough natural ventilation to transport some of the sweat caused by the heat outside.

The heat index rose well above the temperature, meaning Friday felt even warmer than it was due to the humidity. However, the National Weather Service never recorded a heat index above 100 in its hourly weather reports for Washington.

Shortly before 4 p.m., when the official temperature reached the highest of the day at 35 degrees, the heat index was even higher. But it almost reached three-digit values ​​and was 37 degrees.

And at this time, as at other hours of the afternoon, a light breeze blew across the landscape, bringing some relief.

Perhaps the 24 km/h breeze reported at the same time as the highest temperatures in the city was a reminder that even 35 degrees Celsius can be naturally balanced.

In the catalogue of unpleasant features of summer in the district, the “H” occupies a prominent place. Under “H” we find haze, heat and humidity.

Friday, the hottest day of the year, was certainly warm enough to meet heat demand.

But the humidity at least seemed to be within a tolerable range.

And the sky often appeared piercingly clear and blue, so that there was often no water vapor.

Nevertheless, it has been 32 degrees in Washington for five days since Friday. The city is clearly in the grip of a heat wave.

It began before the solstice and continued afterward. And Friday, its youngest member, beat out Tuesday 94 to reign, at least for a day, as DC Heat Champion of 2024.

By Everly