How does the hottest day in Utah compare to the rest of the USA?
How does the hottest day in Utah compare to the rest of the USA?

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(WOWK) – On some of these hottest days, you could actually fry an egg on the sidewalk or the hood of your car – but could it be any worse in other parts of the country?

Well, in a word: yes. After all, Utah doesn’t have a Death Valley like California does. Our neighbors in Arizona and Nevada definitely have it worse than us. However, Utah is no slouch when it comes to triple-digit temperatures. Our hottest day ever was in 2021, when we reached 46 degrees.

For comparison, the hottest day in Arizona was 128 degrees and in Nevada 125 degrees. Even Idaho surpassed Utah’s record with a day of 118 degrees.

According to the data, the hottest day on record was measured at a scorching 56 degrees Celsius in California.

In general, the further west you go in the USA, the hotter the hottest days are.

The coldest and hottest days still reach triple-digit temperatures thanks to Alaska and Hawaii, both at a frigid 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the data shows. Other states at the lower end of the scale include Rhode Island (104), Maine (105) and Connecticut (106).

The most recent hottest day in 2021 occurred in three states: Washington (120), Oregon (119) and Utah (117). The oldest hottest day was in Maine in 1898, where temperatures reached 42 degrees Celsius.

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