New York County agrees to .75 million with family of man shot by police in 2011
New York County agrees to .75 million with family of man shot by police in 2011

SELDEN, NY — A New York county has reached a $1.75 million settlement with the family of a man who was shot and killed by police in his home in 2011.

Suffolk County on Long Island has agreed to pay the compensation amount to Kevin Callahan’s family, county representative Rob Trotta, who chairs the budget committee, confirmed Friday.

The Republican said the agreement was approved by his committee on Thursday, giving the green light for large settlements in the county. He declined to comment further.

Callahan, a 26-year-old Selden resident, was shot and killed in September 2011 by a Suffolk County police officer who responded to a 911 call at his home.

Callahan’s brother Christopher called the police after his brother told them there was a man with a gun in the house.

But the family claimed in a lawsuit against the county that the officer who responded used excessive force. Police said Callahan attacked the officer when he arrived. The officer then shot him because he believed Callahan was trying to take his gun.

The settlement this month was reached before the Callahan family’s lawsuit is set to go to trial in a new federal court on June 12. The civil case went to trial in 2015 and the jury sided with the district, but the family appealed.

Federal court records show that the family’s lawyers informed the court on June 10 that a settlement had been reached. The following day, the lawsuit was dismissed.

Attorneys for the Callahan family did not immediately respond to emails seeking comment Friday. Requests were also sent to spokespeople for the county office, the police department and the police union.

By Isla