Ten Broeck Mansion Gardens damaged by storm
Ten Broeck Mansion Gardens damaged by storm

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) — A severe thunderstorm struck the city of Albany on Thursday, and its remnants were still visible Friday.

A warehouse at 13 Thacher Street suffered a partial roof collapse. The building is now to be demolished. In Pine Hills, the storm tore down branch after branch… Branches were scattered on North Main Avenue near State Street. On Friday, emergency crews were busy clearing up the damage. They did this despite oppressive heat and humidity with temperatures of up to 30 degrees in the capital.

WOOD! Large tree branches like this one were falling all over the historic 10 Broeck Mansion Gardens. Kathryn Kosto, executive director of the Albany County Historic Association, which operates the landmark, initially thought the building was at risk

“Like many of our neighbors, it got very dark. I work in Ten Broeck, a historic building dating back to 1852, where I have never felt a tremor before… and the whole building shook,” Kosto recalls.

Fortunately, it escaped unscathed, but the gardens:

“At this point, we estimate that about 25% of the trees at Ten Broeck Mansion will need to be removed,” Kosto said.

And the danger is still great.

“We need to take care of the trees that are still losing branches to restore safety. Personally, I am devastated. I am still a little in shock. It is sad that trees are being lost, but we know that some of them will have to be cut down,” Kosto said.

Now the museum needs help.

“We will find ways to get the funding, whether it’s an emergency grant or maybe a donation. We need it to cover the costs and continue to reopen so we can continue our commitment to 100% free family programs,” Kosto explained.

On Saturday, June 29, the museum will host a cleanup day at 9:30 a.m.

By Everly