Suffolk Police auction drifting sailboat from Bellport Bay
Suffolk Police auction drifting sailboat from Bellport Bay

A lost boat could turn out to be a treasure for a lucky bidder when police auction off a sailboat in Great River next week.

The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department will auction off a 24-foot sailboat that was found drifting in Bellport Bay after the owner could not be located.

Police made the announcement on Friday and said the auction would take place at 9 a.m. Wednesday at the Marine Bureau at 150 River Road.

The sailboat, a Neptune 24BC from 1978, can be viewed at the Marine Bureau on Tuesday between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. – and then again one hour before the auction begins.

Police did not provide details on when the drifting boat was found or describe the condition of the boat.

The sailboat does not come with a trailer. Police said the highest bidder would be responsible for removing the boat from police premises. However, they did note that the sailboat could be “launched” at the Marine Bureau dock if the buyer so wished.

Bidding starts at $100 and the sailboat is sold as is.

The boat’s estimated value was not immediately available Friday, although similar 28-foot Neptune sailboats from that era have been listed online for prices ranging from about $1,350 to more than $7,000, depending on color, condition and features.

According to a variety of online sites, including Wiki and SailboatData, the Neptune 24 is a “recreational keelboat” built of fiberglass with wood trim. It is what is known as a masthead sloop with a vertical transom, fixed fin keel or stub keel with a shallow draft and sloped stern. It was unclear if this particular boat has the optional centerboard. Drafts vary depending on keel configuration.

The Neptune 24 series was first launched in 1978 and the boats have a beam of about 8 feet with a displacement of about 3,200 pounds.

According to online data, Neptune series sailboats were offered with Bermuda tactical sails, which consisted of a mainsail and jib or genoa. Police did not provide information on which sails came with the boat or what condition they were in.

By Isla