Two women, born 50 years apart, talk about village life in Haughley
Two women, born 50 years apart, talk about village life in Haughley

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Image description, Margaret Buttle and Jess Heyns have both lived in the village of Haughley for 19 years

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Two women, born 57 years apart, spoke about what life is like in their village during a district’s annual celebration.

Margaret Buttle, 76, and Jess Heyns, 19, have both lived in Haughley, Suffolk, since 2005.

Both agreed that Haughley had a good community spirit.

‘A beautiful place’

“You will never be bored,” said Mrs Buttle, who has retired to the village and is a well-known figure in the area.

“Everyone has a smile on their face and it’s just a beautiful place.

“Everyone is community-minded and we now have a new housing development down in the village (and) one up there, and they’ve all integrated, which is really nice.”

Miss Heyns works in the village’s Kings Arms pub, which she says has helped her to socialise with other residents.

“People come from all over Haughley and it’s really nice to get to know them all,” she explained.

“All these lovely faces that I have passed by for so many years and never known or spoken to – and to meet and get to know them all now is really nice.”

Miss Heyns described the village as “a beautiful place”.

“I did some research on the history recently and it is really extensive,” she added.

“(Haughley) was here before Stowmarket, so it’s definitely a beautiful place.”

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