Heavy storm causes buildings to collapse
Heavy storm causes buildings to collapse

ALBANY – It was a crazy and destructive weather event on the first day of summer. Wind and rain began lashing Albany’s Warehouse District around 5:30 p.m., and directly in the path of the storm was a four-story brick building constructed more than a century ago at 12 Thacher Street.

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“We clearly have a fourth floor that has collapsed,” said Rick LaJoy, Albany’s director of construction and building codes. “We have several collapse zones in the building. We know that at least most of the building will have to be demolished. We will try to salvage the ends if possible, but the building is so unstable that we are not sure any of it will be safe.”

Just up the street, at 930 Broadway, another 80-unit building had all residents evacuated after water came pouring through the roof.

“I was at three o’clock and was about to eat dinner when it sounded like a bomb had gone off,” said Adam Mohler. “I went into the hallway and all my neighbors were outside when the water came pouring in.”

Back on Thacher Street, Ethan Ballerd sat in his SUV waiting for the storm to subside, then rocks began to fall.

“I was parked right over there next to the building. I got in my car and it started raining really hard, the wind got really strong,” he recalled. “All of a sudden I heard a loud noise, I looked behind me and the back window was missing.”

“In fact, several buildings throughout the city have sustained quite a bit of damage, but the worst affected area is right here,” LaJoy said.

The city of Albany announced Thursday evening that 18,000 homes across the city were without power. By 10:30 p.m., half of those homes had power restored. National Grid crews are expected to work through the night to fully restore power.

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