Albany partners with AFT/FBI to stop crime
Albany partners with AFT/FBI to stop crime

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) — Albany police on Monday announced a partnership with the ATF and FBI to keep crime low during the summer months.

In the latest crime figures from Albany police, the number of shootings and casualties is up. The murder rate is flat. Firearm arrests are up 40 percent, the number of firearms seized is up 116 percent, and the number of firearm incidents is down 12 percent. But Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins says the lower shooting rate but higher casualty rate is a telltale sign.

“This is an indication that the shootings we are seeing are more likely to be targeted shootings. Because as you can see, last year at this time there were 73 shootings, but only 31 victims. This year we have fewer shootings, but more victims,” ​​said Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins.

It is often said that prevention is the best medicine, and Albany authorities say they want to prevent crimes before they happen. Their methods include a neighborhood initiative that seeks out complaints about loud music to break up illegal parties and using partnerships with organizations such as Men on a Mission and Pastors on Patrol. These groups are dedicated to mentoring troubled youth, particularly young men, who Hawkins says are often the city’s crime suspects.

The ATF helps out and appoints a specialized officer who can prosecute a suspect in federal court if a violation of federal firearms law is discovered.

“ATF is sponsoring an Albany detective as a full-time task force officer with full access to all ATF investigative and laboratory resources,” said Mark Meeks, ATF NY Special Agent in Charge.

The agency also announced the creation of a nationwide integrated ballistics network that will use a new high-resolution camera to compare seized weapons and cartridge cases with those from previous recoveries.

“The machine allows Albany Police to generate actionable leads in as little as eight hours that can link shootings to recovered firearms. This is an important tool in the investigation of shootings and other firearm-related crimes,” added Agent Meeks.

And while the FBI works with Albany Police to prevent crime, they want your help.

“I know it can be intimidating, but your voice matters. You can always reach us anonymously at 1-800-Call-FBI or at,” said FBI Agent Craig Tremaroli.

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