DeVos-backed PAC joins national GOP group to promote mail-in voting in Michigan • Michigan Advance
DeVos-backed PAC joins national GOP group to promote mail-in voting in Michigan • Michigan Advance

Republicans in the state of Michigan have launched an initiative to encourage Republican voters to use mail-in voting in an effort to regain control of the state House of Representatives in November.

However, they will have to overcome resistance from the man they hope to bring back to the White House next year.

The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) PAC, in cooperation with the Michigan Freedom Networkan ultra-conservative group backed by the DeVos family that describes itself as “the first line of defense against the radical left… committed to the principles of limited government, transparency, and our constitutional freedoms.”

The groups say they are targeting races for Michigan’s House of Representatives seats to help Republican candidates win the November election, which they say will be decided by the same “razor-thin margin” that gave Democrats control of the seats in 2022 for the first time since 2010.

“This effort is backed by a massive seven-figure investment that will put Republicans in a strong position to challenge the Democrats’ lead in mail-in voting this year and in future election cycles,” issues a press release. “This mail-in and early voting initiative will help expand the Republican voter base by targeting low-prone voters and engaging Republicans in the AB/EV process earlier than ever before to ensure conservatives have the opportunity and resources to cast their vote in the way that is best for them.”

Former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos on October 3, 2019. | Official White House Photo by Stephanie Chasez via Flickr Public Domain

No details are given about the origin of the “massive seven-figure investment.” public records indicate that of the $1.01 million the Michigan Freedom Network received in donations in the first quarter of this year, $1 million came from members of the DeVos family, including $125,000 from former U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and another $125,000 from her husband, former Republican gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos, who ran in 2006.

The introduction of mail-in voting is a complete about-face by Republicans in Michigan and across the country, who have attacked the process as part of their repeatedly debunked claims that the 2020 election was rigged. In fact, former President Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed this, telling his supporters at a conference in February, Rally in Waterford Township.

“The mail-in ballot is totally corrupt. Think about it. It has to be that way. The votes. I mean, it has to be that way,” he said. said.

It also comes as The Republican National Committee (RNC) has a series of lawsuits across the country to try to limit the ability of voters to use postal voting, including in Georgia, North Carolina, Mississippi and Wisconsin.

Nevertheless, the organizers of the initiative recognize the effectiveness of a robust mail-in and early voting program. recalling the success in Virginia last year When they found that there was a 26% increase in requests for mail-in ballots compared to 2021 and a corresponding 32% increase in mail-in ballots in the same year.

“The stakes couldn’t be higher this year, as Michigan’s hard-working men and women suffer from Democrat-driven inflation, our families rightly fear crime in their neighborhoods, and our students are trapped in failing schools because adults are more interested in their own interests than those of our children. We are excited to join the RSLC PAC in this unprecedented effort to win Michigan and get our state back on track,” said Sarah Anderson, executive director of the Michigan Freedom Fund.

The initiative has created a website,, for voters to register for absentee voting, even though the website essentially links to the Michigan Secretary of State’s website Online application form for postal votingas well as the Michigan Voter Information Center.

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