Driver’s license found in Colorado? Never make this mistake
Driver’s license found in Colorado? Never make this mistake

I am connected to many different groups on Facebook. Like many in Colorado, many of these groups are community groups in Loveland, Fort Collins, and Greeley. The purpose of the groups is to discuss community events ranging from identifying snakes in a backyard to returning lost items to their rightful owner.

It’s great that we all have the means to stay in touch with our neighbors, but there’s a trend that recurs far too often.

Colorado’s biggest nuisance

We often see kind people on these sites trying to return lost driving licenses to their owners. While the intention is admirable, it can be risky to post personal information such as the driver’s name and address online.

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Some users hide the important information and only post a photo and name. Commenters must make the user aware that their post poses a security risk.

Things to do in Colorado

While we appreciate people wanting to return lost items, we want to remind you that sometimes it’s best to turn lost items over to law enforcement, who will ensure that lost driver’s licenses, handbags and other items end up in the right hands.

The first thing you can do is hand in your driving license to the local police. Once you have handed it in, they will try to find the right owner.

I once lost my wallet at a music festival and a local police department contacted me and sent the wallet to my home.

You can also throw a wallet into a mailbox.

The USPS will send the wallet and/or driver’s license to the address provided and will not charge postage or anything similar. Returns are free.

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However, you should know that the mail here in Colorado can be quite unreliable.

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