Local View: ‘The post-Trump world’ neglects decency and integrity – Duluth News Tribune
Local View: ‘The post-Trump world’ neglects decency and integrity – Duluth News Tribune

A jury of twelve ordinary Americans, all admitted by former President Donald Trump’s lawyers, found Trump guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records to improperly influence the 2016 presidential election. True to his reputation, Trump turned to the media to allege a rigged trial.

His outbursts of anger sounded fake, like so much else about him, especially since he refused to testify in his own defense in court. He is eager to “defend” himself to the press and his delusional MAGA supporters, but refuses to be held accountable under oath, vowing to “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

In our criminal justice system, a lie is a lie. In Trump’s unrealistic world, in front of the cameras, his lies are the truth; it is the world as Trump sees it.

According to Trump, the world seems to be full of convicted felons. Sportscaster Colin Cowherd pushed back against Trump’s fabricated allegations that the trial was rigged against him, claiming, “Donald Trump is now a felon. … His campaign manager was a felon. So was his deputy campaign manager, his personal attorney, his chief strategist, his national security adviser, his trade adviser, his foreign policy adviser, his campaign manipulator, and his corporate CFO. They’re all felons. You judge them by the company you keep. It’s a cabal of convicts.”

It seems that the so-called Republicans of the MAGA movement have no qualms about adapting to the world, according to Trump. He even has the power to ask his electorate to fund his legal proceedings.

It reminds me of Mark Twain’s typical crook, Tom Sawyer, who manipulated his friends – and plotted the “death of the innocent” – into paying him for the privilege of whitewashing Aunt Polly’s fence, which Tom was supposed to be whitewashing himself. By the afternoon, Tom was literally “swimming in wealth.” The next day, Tom’s victims realized they had fallen victim to “a wily con, a crafty snake in the grass.” There is more truth to this than can be attributed to Trump’s “deceptions.”

Even our own Congressman Pete Stauber has shamefully joined the world in Trump’s conviction. After Trump’s conviction, Stauber tweeted, “This is a sad day in our nation’s history.” It was indeed a sad day, but not for the reasons Stauber cited; rather, it was sad because it was the first time in our history that a sitting or former President of the United States was declared a convicted felon.

Stauber went on to write, “This trial was rigged from the beginning.” Tell that to the twelve ordinary Americans who unanimously returned a guilty verdict based on the evidence presented. Stauber’s claim was outrageous and offensive, especially coming from a man with a police background. According to Trump, the world has forfeited the right to defend “law and order.” According to Trump, there is no law or order in the world. Instead, according to Trump, the world eschews decency and integrity.

Former First Lady Melania Trump announced that her son Barron “declined” the opportunity to serve as his father’s delegate to the Republican National Convention due to “prior commitments.” Trump’s “encounter” with porn star Stormy Daniels occurred when Barron was an infant of just four months. Perhaps Barron’s “prior commitments” have to do with decency and integrity.

It seems that Trump’s supporters are being duped in the same way that Tom Sawyer’s gullible friends were lined up to pay for the “privilege” of whitewashing a fence. At the same time, no amount of whitewashing can hide the shame and disgrace that Trump and his minions have left on the face of our democracy.

The Rev. David Tryggestad of Duluth is a retired minister and opinion columnist for the News Tribune.

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