This historic Albany cemetery is the perfect place to take a few steps
This historic Albany cemetery is the perfect place to take a few steps

Want to get out but avoid the crowds on hiking trails and in parks? Try this cemetery in the Capital Region!

There is nothing better than when the weather gets better and you can finally get out into nature again. The biggest problem I always have is that everyone else has the same ideas.

Whether it’s a park, beach, or hiking trail, you’ll probably find that you’re not the only one getting out to enjoy the scenery. So how can you avoid the crowds and still have a nice walk? Have you ever considered a cemetery?

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Personally, I like to get outside and walk as much as possible. I do walk around my neighborhood in Albany, but sometimes it’s nice to have a different view, and that’s where going to a different place is key.

At first I went to the local parks in the area, but since there are so many other people there, it can sometimes be a bit crowded. A surefire way to avoid these crowds is to visit a cemetery! They are usually huge and have lots of streets and walkways to move around on.

Albany Rural Cemetery

Established in 1841, this cemetery near Albany and Loudonville covers over 400 acres and also has some truly amazing graves that you can visit and admire while trying to get in a little exercise.

I like to try to spot local historical names while walking and listening to music on the vast grounds of this historic cemetery. There are many famous graves, beautiful sculptures and statues throughout the grounds, and plenty of great nature to enjoy.

Did I mention that it’s kind of haunted too?

Whether you believe in ghosts or urban legends, the stories about Albany Rural Cemetery are a lot of fun and make for great conversation around the campfire.

Don’t be afraid of the crowds at some of the more popular locations, as cemeteries have so much more to offer us than just being a final resting place.

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